To fulfill the wishes of Paul Ogle to give back to the community by strategically funding nonprofit organizations, activities and projects that directly improve the lives of the citizens in Southern Indiana.



There are four key areas of interest in grant funding that must be addressed in order to successfully accomplish the Mission:


I. Economic:  Promote the overall economic prosperity of Southern Indiana by investing in key infrastructural components like commerce, public works, and education along with other special projects that encourage community growth;


II. Human Needs:  Strengthen the physical and mental well-being of the citizens while assisting those in the greatest of need;


III. Regionalism: Foster regional awareness and promote activities that accentuate cross-regional cooperation between the people, organizations and nonprofit entities;


IV. Preservation:  Stress the importance of preserving the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of our community for future generations




When evaluating the impact of grant requests, the Foundation looks for opportunities where funds can have the greatest influence while remaining true to our Mission and Vision.  The Foundation weighs each grant request on the basis of how well the requesting organization accomplishes one or more of the following factors (not in order of any importance):


  • Fills a large void or need in the community that is not being served today by any other organization in the region
  • Serves a larger constituency base than the organization currently serves today
  • Increases the efficiency or streamlines operations while reducing operating expenses of the requesting organization
  • Diversifies and/or increases sources of income beyond what exists today, including the matching of other grant opportunities
  • Assists in the coordination of activities between two or more organizations, including merger or the sharing of resources where operational synergies exist
  • Promotes the formulation of creative solutions and innovative problem solving or replicates proven “best in industry” strategies to the issues being addressed
  • Creates a significant and positive change in the structural foundation whereby an entity can become self-sufficient or with very limited assistance now or in the very near future.