Eligible/Official Grant Submissions


Effective June 1, 2017: All grant requests must have the direct permission from the Ogle Foundation staff prior to sending any written grant request submission to the office.  Any request submitted without prior approval of the Foundation staff will automatically be rejected nor acknowledged in writing as to its submission.


Please be sure to call or email the Foundation early in the process so we can work with you to make sure your grant is applicable to the Foundation's mission as well as appropriate as to the current grantmaking strategies of the Ogle Board which changes without public notice. We want to save you time and effort before you go through the work of preparing any documents or setting any false expectations with your organization!


Upon receiving prior verbal or written approval from the staff, all grant submissions must have the direct involvement from the President/CEO/Director of the non-profit organization and/or have been appointed by that President/CEO for such tasks.  No intermediaries or third-party consultant’s requests are accepted without prior approval from the submitting organization and concurrence from the Foundation Board or its staff.


This restriction is due to the limited opportunities that an organization has to apply for a grant from the Paul Ogle Foundation (see the Time Limits and the “Three-Year Rule” section) and the need to ensure that the organization’s management concurs that a specific grant request is the highest priority and best fit to the organization over other potential projects seeking grant funding. Our goal again is to save you time and make the best case to the Ogle Board!

The Paul Ogle Foundation has structured the following grant guidelines in an effort to assist the grant seekers with the who/what/when/where criteria when applying for a grant.  If your eligibility questions are still not answered by the following information, please contact the Foundation office before beginning the grant process.

Organization Eligibility


The Ogle Foundation gives only to non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code or public governmental agencies.  This does not include other non-profits or private foundations as determined under Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as Type III Supporting Organizations.  Please check with your accountant or attorney and in some cases, on the newer IRS determination 501(c)(3) letters for your specific “Type” classification.


Typical Foundation Grants


The Paul Ogle Foundation historically gives higher grant funding priority towards:

  • Capital improvement and renovation projects
  • Scholarship endowments programs
  • Equipment and technology
  • Limited Program Sponsorships
  • Special projects or sponsorships as determined by the Foundation Board or staff

Geographic “Zones of Giving”


All grant requests must show evidence that they directly impact the residents of Southern Indiana or fall within the following counties:  Clark County IN, Floyd County IN, Harrison County IN, Scott County IN, Switzerland County IN, Washington County IN, and Jefferson County, KY.


* Grants to Jefferson County, KY are limited only to those organizations that can show significant outreach to the citizens of the other Indiana counties listed above.  This means that the organization is currently serving a minimum of 15% of its client or customer base from the listed counties now or in the very near future.

Grant Giving Guidelines


It is the policy of the Paul Ogle Foundation to contribute a minimum of five percent (5%) of the value of its total assets each year towards grants within qualified entities in the community.  Grant payouts are only made twice a year, towards the middle of June and December.


Payments and/or amounts could also be spread out at the Board’s discretion over multiple years with a four year maximum.  There are no expedites of payment nor granting of emergency funding, so please consider when making your grant request.

Time Limits and the “Three-Year Rule”


Organizations are limited to when they can apply for a grant based upon the last time they applied for a grant from the Foundation and the results of that grant request.  This process was established to provide ample opportunities for other organizations to have access to the limited grant funding made available each year.


  • 36-Month Wait - Organizations with successful grant requests are limited to a 36-month waiting period before being allowed to submit a new grant request.  The clock starts from the date that the first grant check is issued.


  • 12-Month Wait - Organizations with unsuccessful grant requests are limited to a 12-month period until you are allowed to reapply for this specific grant or submitting a totally new grant request.  The start date begins from either the Board’s decision date or declination by the Foundation’s staff.


In all cases, applicants will be notified by mail as to the decision date.  Only the Foundation’s Board of Directors can override this rule and only upon unique circumstances or as specific events dictate will it be permitted.

Non-Eligible Grant Requests


Generally speaking, the Ogle Foundation does NOT provide grants to or for:


  • Ongoing general operating expenses or existing operational deficits/debt reduction
  • Payment of outstanding debts or delinquent taxes of any kind
  • Direct grants to or support of individuals
  • Direct loans to individuals or entities
  • Research and development programs
  • Public or private elementary and/or secondary school programs (K-12)
  • Private two or four-year colleges and universities
  • Churches and special advocacy related activities
  • Hospitals and other similar health-related organizations
  • Governmental assets and related items like vehicles, equipment or property
  • New 501(c)(3)'s defined as those with less than 5 years of active operations unless they have prior permission of Foundation staff to submit a grant request


IMPORTANT: If you have any questions as to if your organization, project or grant opportunity fits within the above listing or not, please call the foundation first before any paperwork submission to discuss applicability in our grant-making guidelines. We want to ensure that you are pursuing a grant in which there is a chance of success and that you are not wasting your time going through our application process.

Special Projects


The Foundation reserves the right from time-to-time to proactively seek to fund projects or programs that specifically fall within its Mission and Values when it determines there is a need not being met in the community and includes projects that we typically do not fund like operating support.