I am an individual seeking a grant for personal use.  Does the Foundation make available grants to individuals?

No.  The Foundation guidelines specifically preclude making grants to or in support of individuals.


My church has a very worthwhile project for which we are seeking funding.  If we submit an application, may we expect it to be granted?

No.  The Foundations specifically preclude grants to churches and for related church activities.


My company is in need of extra funds for a special project.  Does the Foundation grant funds to private companies?

No.  The Foundation gives only to non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code or public governmental agencies.


I work for a non-profit organization within the local area of the Foundation.  Is it possible for me to submit a grant request to renovate our building and maybe add-on?

Yes.  The Foundation gives higher grant funding priority to “brick-and-mortar” projects, capital improvement and renovation projects.


What is the grant-giving area of the Foundation?

Generally, grants given by the Foundation are given in Clark, Scott, Floyd,

Switzerland, Harrison and Washington counties in Indiana and Jefferson County in Kentucky.


How long does the grant process usually take?

From the initial grant inquiry to completion usually takes no longer than six months.


If I receive a grant, when can I expect to receive the check from the Foundation?

Grant funds are disbursed in June and December of each year.


If I receive a grant from the Foundation, when can I apply for another grant?

If you have made a successful grant request, you must wait 36 months to apply for a new grant.  The 36 months begins on the date the first grant check is issued.


If I was unsuccessful in receiving grant funds, how long must I wait to reapply?

There is a 12 month waiting period if you have been denied a grant.  The 12 month period begins on the denial date of the grant.


Must I include a copy of the IRS 501(c)(3) exemption letter with my request?

Yes.  Grant applications must have the appropriate documents attached for consideration by the Foundation.


Do I need to provide a formal letter of inquiry or can I just call the Foundation and explain what I need?

Yes, a formal letter of inquiry is necessary.  Letters of inquiry should be on the requesting organization’s letterhead and should not exceed five pages in length, excluding attachments.


Do I need to know the complete description and budget for the project for which I am submitting an application, or can I just estimate what I think the needs and timeline will be?

All applications need to have specific descriptions and budgets for each project.  The Board needs all of the requested information before it will consider reviewing the application.


What if my organization is a public charity, but I do not have a 501(c)(3) letter?

If your organization is a public charity, not holding a 501(c)(3) letter, then a copy of an IRS letter or a legal opinion certifying that the application is a public charity as described in Section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) must be attached to the application.


Once my organization has received a grant, must I make any contact with the Foundation?

Yes.  The Foundation Board expects a report on how the money has been spent and the impact of the funding on the community.


If my organization is given a grant, can I call the Foundation and ask for the money at a time when it is really needed?

No.  Grant payments are made in June and December of the year and funds for the organization’s projects should be budgeted accordingly.

If I receive the grant funding and then choose to use the money differently than what was outlined in the grant application, do I have to ask the Foundation?

Yes.  Grant funds are only to be used for the specific project that was listed in the Grant Application.  Any variance from this, or delay, is to be passed along to the Foundation as soon as the organization becomes aware.  The Board must approve the use of any grant funds for a purpose other than that which was stated in the Grant Application.  Failure to inform the Board before using grants funds for purposes not outlined in the Grant Application good result in the Board requesting grant monies to be returned.


If a grant period expires and a program is not completed as was stated in the Grant Application, do I need to inform the Foundation?

Yes.  Along with an interim report, the organization must request the Board for a specific amount of additional time.  If a request is granted, the Grantee must submit updated interim reports every 90 days.  If the additional time is not granted, the Grantee should be prepared to return the grant funds to the Foundation.


If, during the grant process, my organization loses its 501(c)(3) status, must I let the Foundation know?

Yes.  The Foundation retains the right to terminate grant funds to an organization if that organization loses its 501(c)(3) status.


If something should happen and my organization would be responsible for returning grant funds to the Foundation, how long do we have to return the funds?

Once termination of the grant has been established, an organization has thirty days to return the grant money to the Foundation.  Organizations must supply documentation for funds spent up until the termination and will be expected to repay funds not used for the intended purpose or not expended before the termination.